Medicine Pouches


Medicine Pouches were originally designed to hold something sacred such as a medicine bag or tobacco bag. As designs have changed to more of a “catch-all” bag it is now more of a bag used to transport any of one’s possessions.

Medicine pouches are usually made and decorated by artists of many different tribes. I have enjoyed transcribing the bag into my own version with a necklace idea. Each JK BRAND Custom Designs Medicine Pouch is unique, individual, one-of-a kind, deerskin or elk hide with embellishment to never be copied again. Hope you enjoy yours.

JK Brand
Whatever your dream for your special retreat on the edge of the wilderness may be
— perhaps an elk hide throw, a decorative throw pillow, a buffalo hide chair and ottoman, or a deer skin shawl —
a JK BRAND custom design might begin your journey toward fulfilling that dream.